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Unique Printed Glass Designs – Opening New Frontiers in Architecture

Creating and tapping into the growing demand for digital ceramic printed glass is integral to developing a strong printed glass processing line. From creating success stories and venturing into the world of social media, to face to face meetings with architects and printed glass samples, glass processing companies are innovating the way they do business when it comes to selling digital ceramic printed glass.

Cooling Brothers Glass Company in Australia, with a growing portfolio of projects printed with their Dip-Tech printer, is successfully growing ImagInk, their printed glass processing line, with innovative creative marketing and sales tools.

Most recently, Cooling Brothers launched Design Collection, a collection of patterns that have been developed specifically for glass awnings, canopies, and roof lights. William Main, Cooling Brother’s Design Consultant, when asked about the concept behind the collection he said, “Until now it has been basics such as dots and lines over and over again. Architects and designers were using what was available, and there was no variety of choice.” Main continues, “A lot of thought, research and testing has gone into developing the collection so that architects and designers will have more options. The complexities of the patterns, such as controlled transparency, are well suited to digital printing and simply cannot be achieved with traditional screen printing.”

Cooling Brother shared that architects and designers are looking for something different and they are turning to digital glass printing. The patterns are not strictly limited to the exterior applications mentioned above, but can also be applied to backsplashes and dividers for interior spaces.

Another unique twist Cooling Brothers bring to the collection is the wacky and fun names of the patterns such as Zebra Prom, Stunning Nose Hair, Bingo Wings, and Monkey Trousers. Main pointed out that the names of the existing patterns are uninspiring, such as .3 mil dot or .10 mil line. He said these names are meant to differentiate themselves and creates a talking point, and he dreams of seeing their branded names on a project tender document.

Cooling Brothers, congratulations on the imaginative and proactive strides you are making and we hope to see Crayfish Smoothie on a building near us soon.

For more information visit http://coolingbros.com.au/

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