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Record Breaking Glass Printer Creates Super-Size Glass Designs

Thompson Reuters came to Dip-Tech to learn about the glass printer that set a world record. The printer stands an impressive at 18m (59 ft) in length, more than double the length of Dip-Tech’s next-longest printer. It can print a single pane of glass with a total area of up to 64m2 (688.89ft2). The current Dip-Tech AR18000 glass printers are owned and operated by sedak GmbH & Co. KG of Germany and Tianjin Northglass Industrial Co., Ltd in China. The printers were commissioned for special architectural projects that will feature digitally printed large-format glass panels.

For Dip-Tech it was a rewarding journey in developing and manufacturing the AR18000 as it demanded innovation in order to overcome the challenges that came with this project. The new Dip-Tech glass printer had to print  successfully in one run, there is no time for “do-overs” when using glass panels of this size. Some of the challenges due to the extreme length include designing components to withstand the weight and size of the machine and the glass, sustaining electrical balance from one end of the printer to the other end, and to extend the piping that transfers the ceramic ink to the print heads while avoiding tube resistance. Dip-Tech’s innovations enable the printing of mega sized glass panels which are sustainable, highly durable and environmentally friendly, with virtually any design. Ultimately the AR18000 glass printer is enhancing the value chain in architectural glass.



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