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Printing on Glass Can Save Birds’ Lives

LEED certification encourages bird-friendly glass
  • LEED certification encourages bird-friendly glass

New York City Audubon, the American Bird Conservancy, and Fordham University are collaborating on research focused on how various types of glass can deter birds from crashing into buildings. This research is very relevant for glass processors today who are looking to include bird friendly glass in their offering. Likewise, there are regulatory developments that highlight the importance of bird friendly glass. Several major US cities have adopted bird safety standards for new buildings, and the US Green Building Council, a nonprofit organization, has introduced bird-safety credit as part of the LEED certification, which further encourages the production of bird-friendly glass.

Creating bird-friendly glass using traditional glass printing methods such as screen printing would require extensive lead time and significant setup and maintenance costs. However, with a digital ceramic glass printer for printing on glass, permanent and durable patterns can easily be added to glass and the design altered with the click of a button.

Digital ceramic glass printing is more permanent than UV glass printing and decals and more cost effective than screen printing. Using a digital ceramic glass printer to create fritted glass provides architects and designer the extreme design freedom they are looking for, while enabling them to comply with bird safety standards.

Reference: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/14/nyregion/researchers-hope-bird-friendly-glass-can-help-reduce-migration-deaths.html?hp&_r=2

Photos: Michael Kirby Smith for The New York Times

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