Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

Dip-Tech at Vitrum 2015

While Milan, Italy is known as the fashion capital of the world, this year the city expanded its reach, drawing in additional visitors with the spectacular Vitrum Expo 2015. A highly respected international tradeshow for machinery, equipment, and systems for glass, Vitrum brought almost 20,000 members of the industry to buy, sell, network, and learn more about the latest glass innovations.

As the leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks, Dip-Tech took a prominent place on the show floor. It hosted an impressive booth and had a strong international team on the ground demonstrating the power of Dip-Tech’s technology innovation and business opportunity.

Project printed worldwide

The booth itself drew significant attention in the halls of Vitrum with its impeccable design, which included images of digitally printed glass projects from around the world and a huge display of printed glass element, printed by Veneto Vetro, showcasing the high quality, high resolution, and wide range of applications made possible with Dip-Tech’s printing systems.

Shimrit Marom, Director of Marketing at Dip-Tech, shared: “The glass industry is seeking innovation and experiencing growth in the decorative segment. Digital ceramic glass printing offers a solution for many specifications and requirements, such as design flexibility, environmental considerations, with energy efficiency, and budget requirements.”

Thousands of projects around the world have been completed with Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printing. Visit the Printed Glass Project Gallery to see some for yourself.

A heavy-duty Dip-Tech GP Series Printer was in action throughout Vitrum, demonstrating the powerful capabilities of these printers, including high image quality with the widest color gamut in the industry.

Dip-Tech GP Series

Tools to boost business wins

Dip-Tech offers glass processors a “toolbox” of design resources to help them win more projects. For example, Dip-CMiX – the color standard for the digital ceramic printing industry – is a swatchbook of simulated colors that can be achieved on glass by mixing Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks.

Dip CMiX

Design collections

On display were samples from the design collections of ready-to-print files of patterns, surface materials, and etch designs.

Printed glass applications

A seven meter-long, photorealistic image with sharp details, printed by Thiele Glas, was on display. Printed applications demonstrated by the image include: color saturation and pantone matching, 3D effect, a variety of transparencies, patterns, gradients, and shapes.

The Double Vision Glass printing technique – made possible by Dip-Tech’s Drop Fixation feature that allows for micro-drop precision – creates two images printed one on top of the other, allowing different views from each side of the glass.

Dip-Tech Slip-Resistance Ink creates a smooth finish, making it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

digital ceramic printed glass applications

A story from the field

Dip-Tech took the opportunity at Vitrum 2015 to host an exclusive event at its booth. Giorgia Giacchetto, owner of Veneto Vetro, from glass processor Veneto Vetro, and Giorgio Strappazzon, an architect at VS Associati, presented a project they produced together using Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printing – the signage for the Botanical Garden in Padova. The technique of digital ceramic glass printing was chosen because of the garden’s particular climate conditions. “The high temperatures and continuous humidity required a guarantee for durability and quality of the images as we were creating a permanent exhibition in this public space,” said Strappazzon. He noted that he chose to work with Veneto Vetro because “They are always striving for innovation, new possibilities in the glazing market and new forms of expression.”

Veneto Vetro - Botanical Gardens of Padova

Giorgia Giacchetto added, “We offered VS Associati a solution for their external façade glass. Once we understood the additional solutions they were seeking for the interior glass, we understood that digital printing was exactly what was needed.” Plus, she knew Dip-Tech was the perfect partner for making the project a reality. As she commented, “Dip-Tech is always supportive, and their glass design specialist helps make our customer’s visions a reality”.

The result is detailed, high-quality ceramic printing that gives a realistic impression of images suspended in space. What’s more, because the front face of the glass was printed, every detail is clearly visible, with no interference from reflection, further adding to the realism of the images.

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