Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

Dip-Tech presents: New Era Technology in Digital Glass Printing at Function Meets Glass, Glasstec 2016

Function Meets Glass Conference

More than 120 participants of glass industry experts from 22 countries gathered at two-day conference “Function meets glass”. The conference took place on September 19th, 2016, and was organized by OTTI Training Seminar Tagungen, conducted at Messe Dusseldorf, powered by Glasstec production.

Dip-Tech was proud to be included in this year’s conference.  Our presentation, “The New Era of Ceramic Digital Printing Technology- an Alternative for Screen Print”, presented by Yariv Ninyo, Vice President of Business Development, was well received by industry leaders such as: AGC Glass Europe, Cardinal IG, LISEC Austria GmbH,NSG, Saint Gobain Glass, Schollglass D+E GmbH and many more.

Digital Printing vs Screen Print

Mr. Ninyo focused on the quantum leap in industry thinking by embracing the latest technological breakthroughs in digital printing; that is how digital ceramic glass printing is now becoming a more relevant technology for replacing Screen Printing.

Dip-Tech’s newest innovation, the NEra printers, adds to this point as it represents the most advanced digital ceramic printing solution for automotive and repeatable patterns. It offers turbo-charged throughput, superb quality and a competitive ROI as compared to screen printing in larger batches.


Mr. Ninyo’s presentation raised curiosity & interest, mainly about ceramic inks, speed, resolution, and fast jetting on glass. The attendees were most satisfied to hear about the new technology, the high level of quality and speed achieved by Dip-Tech, and it was clear that Dip-Tech keeps its position as leader of the Digital Ceramic printing industry.

Dip-Tech is looking forward to participate to the next “Function meets Glass” conference at Glasstec 2018.



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