Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

Dip-Tech to Present New Printers and Inks at glasstec 2014

Dip-Tech will unveil its newest line of printers and highlight its newest functional inks at glasstec 2014, in Dusseldorf, Germany.  At the Dip-Tech booth (12A31), visitors can meet the international Dip-Tech team* over hot coffee or a cold beer and learn how Dip-Tech’s innovations can help them grow their business.

* Representatives speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Finnish, and Chinese will be available.

GP Series Debuts at Glasstec

Glasstec marks the world premiere of Dip-Tech’s GP Series of digital ceramic glass printers. The new GP Series offers glass processors an easy entry into the fast-growing field of high-versatility, high-durability digital glass printing. These printers provide a superior platform for small to medium glass processors that are taking their first steps into glass printing or wish to enlarge their product offering.

  • Ideal for exterior and interior architecture applications, as well as for transportation replacement, bullet proof, yacht glazing and other industries that typically require small to medium runs.
  • Print on glass panels up to 2400 x 4000 mm (95” x 157”) with thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 19 mm (0.08” to 0.75”).
  • The printers are driven by new operating software that features a highly intuitive, multi-lingual user interface and easy-to-follow trouble-shooting.

“The new GP Series is based on our field-proven Glassjet PRO Series, which has been driving printed glass success at more than 100 glass processors for almost 10 years,” said Yariv Matzliach, CEO at Dip-Tech. “Enhanced with our latest technological innovations, the GP Series extends the benefits and opportunities opened by digital ceramic glass printing to a wider variety of glass processing businesses. It answers a real market need, to enable smaller and medium size glass processing operations to add value to their offering while gaining a fast return on investment.

Dip-Tech is also exhibiting its top-of-the-line AR Series printers at glasstec.

  • AR Series printers meet the needs of medium to large production lines
  • Offer faster speed, up to 76 sqm/hr (818 sqft/hr)
  • Superior printing quality
  •  Higher opacity
  • Optimized footprint with built-in conveyers
  •  Optional inline dryer

Live demonstrations of the GP24 and AR4000 digital ceramic glass printers will run throughout the show.

New Functional Ceramic Inks Expand Printed Glass Applications

All GP Series and AR Series printers support the full range of Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic Inks for glass. Dip-Tech’s newest functional inks, Dip-Tech Extra Durable S1* inks and Dip-Tech Slip-Resistance ink will be exhibited at Glasstec through unique printed glass elements. The Extra Durable S1 inks are designed for digital printing on the external side of glass surfaces for applications such as building facades, balustrades and canopies. The Slip-Resistance ink, with its etched glass-like appearance, creates anti-slip surfaces when wet or dry, making it ideal for exterior and interior flooring applications in commercial and residential sites.

*Extra Durable Superb1

Special Announcement

On October 21st at 16:00 CET (4:00 PM), Dip-Tech CEO Yariv Matzliach will take the stage at Dip-Tech’s booth. An exciting special announcement will be shared at this time and all are invited and encouraged to join Dip-Tech and partake in a champagne toast.

Dip-Tech looks forward to meeting you at glasstec. If you wish to set a meeting in advance please email [email protected]




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