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Dip-Tech Offers New INTERIORI Tool to help Glass Processors Inspire Architects & Designers

With its ready-to-print glass designs and printed glass catalog, Dip-Tech INTERIORI significantly expands business opportunities for glass processors

Inspire Architects & Designers

Dip-Tech, the world’s leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, today released the new INTERIORI – a powerful business development tool for glass processors with Dip-Tech digital glass printers.
Carefully developed by a team of architects and designers based on market demand, INTERIORI is a set of 52 ready-to-print designs that can be used to replicate the appearance of different surfaces using digitally printed glass. It comes together with a printed brochure and digitally printed glass samples. This complete package helps glass processors inspire architects and designers – giving them ideas for implementation and a clear sense of how their final product will look.

Click and print digitally printed glass designs

Each INTERIORI design gives both visual and textural life to glass installations. The 2017 collection includes three categories: Smell the Forest with accurate replications of wood patterns; Touch the Stone marble designs; and Playing with Shapes modern geometric styles.

INTERIORI designs can be printed on panels up to 3m x 1.2m (9.8ft x 3.9ft), cut in size for smaller installations, or reproduced and seamlessly joined for larger projects.

Well-suited for both interior and exterior applications, INTERIORI designs can be easily applied to kitchen backsplashes, shower doors, office dividers, tabletops, wall covers, partitions and more. Benefits include: lighter weight, easier handling, and better light transference and privacy properties than other materials.

All designs have been tested on Dip-Tech printers to optimize their appearance and the quality that can be achieved.

Interiori sample case

Demonstrating what glass can do
In addition to the ready-to-print designs, INTERIORI comes with a printed brochure including images of rooms designed with digitally printed glass, a digitally printed glass catalog with a selection of 16 different samples from the complete collection, and live webinar training for best practice implementations.

“INTERIORI brings tremendous value to glass processors, giving them a high-impact tool for communicating the potential of digitally printed glass to architects and designers,” said Mr. Alon Lumbroso, CEO of Dip-Tech. “In addition to inspiring with implementation ideas, it simplifies the printing process and provides a clear indication of how the printed glass will look.”

“When we pre-launched INTERIORI at Glasstec and GlassBuild America (2016), even we were amazed by the enthusiasm and excitement it generated amongst glass processors,” added Architect Niv Raz, leader of the Demand Generation team at Dip-Tech and developer of INTERIORI. “The potential INTERIORI has for improving communication with architects and expanding the opportunities for digitally printed glass was clear to them from the start – an added value that every glass processor seeks.”

INTERIORI can be ordered direct from Dip-Tech in packages of 10 units. For more information or to place an order, kindly visit: http://www.dip-tech.com/architectural-glass/interiori

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