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China Customer Event 2017, Beijing

The Dip-Tech team would like to thank all who attended the recent Customer Event held at Novotel San Yuan in Beijing. It was very exciting to host over thirty leading Glass Companies from China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Australia.  During the event, these leaders of Architecture, Automotive and Appliances had the chance to meet key Dip-Tech staff members, and learn about new advancements in Dip-Tech technology.  Additionally, attendees were provided with tips and the necessary tools to help them to evolve and do more business with their digital glass printing line of business.

Mr. Alon Lumbroso, CEO of Dip-Tech, welcomed the honorable guests, and shared Dip-Tech’s strategy to lead technological advancement, be innovative and support our customers in a holistic way to win more projects.

Another highlight was Mrs. Aliza Edry, Director of Graphics and Applications at Dip-Tech who shared new, innovative graphic tools which have proven to be very successful sales tools.  One example, the ‘All-In-One” glass sample is a unique 2 glass piece presentation which highlights many options of applications such as: Photorealistic, LPI, Gradients, Vivid colors next to multi-color and more.  These files, which are available on Dip-Tech website, are ready to download.   Log in to the site, download the file, and add your logo, print and you are ready for your next trade show or sales event.


Additional tools highlighted were CMiX, DMIX – Print the Atlas, Pattern Catalog– with 100 copy-right free vector patterns for endless combinations.

The event continued with additional sessions focusing on troubleshooting technical issues, how to sell to Architects, and Marketing support. The event concluded with Dip-Tech New Generation session, which provided customers with a new ROI model comparing digital printing versus silk screen technology.

Dip-Tech Customer Event is already a tradition. After successful events in Munich, January 2017, and in Beijing, May 2017, we look forward to seeing our valued customers in Road Island, USA, June 2017. Join us!

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