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G.James Glass celebrates 100 Years

Not many glass processors live to be 100 years old. So when they do, we celebrate!

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of G.James Glass & Aluminum. Established in 1917, this family owned business-has grown to become Australia’s leading integrated Glass & Aluminum manufacturer and contractor. On behalf of the Dip-Tech management team and staff we would like to congratulation the entire G. James Glass & Aluminum team for this tremendous accomplishment.
In addition to celebrating 100 years in business, G James Glass & Aluminum holds a special distinction with Dip-Tech as one of the first glass manufactures to embrace Dip-Tech’s digital glass printing technology purchasing their first printer in 2007.
Now, in 2017, with FOUR Dip-Tech machines, G.James Glass & Aluminum uses the Dip-Tech technology to put their signature on wide variety of amazing digitally printed Architecture projects as well as Automotive and special transportation glass applications.
“Dip-Tech is the future of printed, decorative glass. G. James just had its 4th printer installed to keep up with the rising demand from architects for designers who want to put their individual touch on their projects by digitally printing permanent images and patterns that are not affected by environmental stresses.” Greg Hunt, Director of G.James Australia Pty Ltd.
Dip-Tech is proud of our partnership with G.James Glass & Aluminum and would like to extend warm wishes for many more successful years!


G.James Glass & Aluminium’s Digitally printed projects:

Click Here  to watch a reflection of G.James proud history as a family business over the last 100 years video.

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