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The 28th China Glass Expo 2017 – Recap

The Dip-Tech team returned from The 28th China Glass Expo 2017, and we’re still excited by the amazing turnout and feedback we received while we were there. Thank you for being a part of the experience!

We started our China tour with a Customer Event held at Novotel San Yuan in Beijing. It was very exciting to host leading Glass Companies from China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Australia. During the event, these leaders of Architecture, Automotive and Appliances had the chance to meet key Dip-Tech staff members, and learn about new advancements in Dip-Tech technology.

Throughout the exhibition, our booth attracted many visitors who came to see the new NEraD printer, printing continuously on various sizes and types of glass for Architecture and Automotive applications.

During the show we celebrated 8 successful years of cooperation with our local agent USE Electronics and hosted a booth event for the Automotive market.

We are very excited about the opportunities presented by our new technology, products and tools, and invite you to Contact Us about potential collaboration.

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