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Wanda Group’s Biggest Digitally Printed Glass Projects in China

Dip-Tech digitally printed glass adds magnificence and illuminates to Wanda Group’s biggest projects in China

Dip-Tech, the world’s leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, is proud to announce that the recently completed Exhibition Hall, in Guilin City, China, a Wanda Group project, features a massive façade of Dip-Tech digitally printed glass.


Green mountains in glass

The Wanda Cultural Tourism Exhibition Center that opened in Guilin in 2016, is the most important development in the city for Wanda Group. The glass rib of the building’s façade, with double-sided printing, creates a double vision – a digitally printed glass reflection that looks just like the typical mountainous Guilin scenery.


Guilin mountain scenery is represented in a digitally printed glass façade at the Wanda Cultural Tourism Exhibition Center. 4,500 sqm / 48,400 sqft.


Dip-Tech has been partnering with Wanda Group to create magnificent digitally printed glass installations at numerous projects across China since 2009.

Wanda Group – also known as Dalian Wanda – was founded in 1988 and is engaged in commercial properties, culture, and finance. Wanda Commercial Properties (3699.HK) is the world’s largest property company, and for the past 10 years China’s biggest commercial property developer. Wanda Cultural Industry Group is China’s largest cultural enterprise.

In 2009, Wanda group became the first developer in China to break through the traditional design concept, implementing Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printing in Chinese real estate projects.


The Fuzhou Cangshan Mona Lisa



Fuzhou Cangshan Wanda, Mona Lisa figure printed on ~800 sqm (~8,600 sqft) of glass


Known locally as New Wanda, the Fuzhou Cangshan mall caters to a large cross-section of the population, with differing styles and taste.

For mass appeal and an added twist, a unique glass installation of a Mona Lisa figure was created on its exterior wall. The project was created by glass processor LiSEC, which used Dip-Tech technology to deliver long-lasting glass durability, specialized ink functionality, and enhanced design capabilities.

After the great success of this unique installation, Wanda Group developed an enhanced appreciation of Dip-Tech’s powerful capabilities and technology. This lead the company to use Dip-Tech digitally printed glass in a number of its key commercial and cultural tourism projects – from a unique partition, to large façades of buildings – helping cement its position in the Chinese real estate market.

A traditional porcelain lid on the Wanda Exhibition Hall


Digitally-printed glass tops the Wanda Cultural Tourism Center exhibition hall, evoking a traditional porcelain lid. ~4,000 sqm / ~43,000 sqft of : Blue and white porcelain.


Nanchang is a city located in the Chinese province of Jiangxi. The Wanda Cultural Tourism Center is the largest investment project built there in the past 30 years. It includes the world’s largest indoor aquarium, an exhibition hall, a large auditorium, a science and technology film park, large-scale outdoor theme park, international resort hotels, and additional entertainment facilities.

The digitally printed glass installation that tops off exhibition hall creates the look of a traditional blue and white porcelain lid.

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Adding glitter to Hanjie Wanda Square


5,000 sqm / 53,800 sqft of Gold/silver pattern


Hanjie Wanda Square is a luxury shopping mall with international brand stores, world-class boutiques, restaurants, and movie theaters. The design of the Hanjie Wanda Square combines both contemporary and traditional elements in one concept.

In the South atrium, a beautiful digitally printed glass design of silver and grey nuances reflects the city’s identity and urban rhythm. Both atria are crowned by skylights with a funnel structure connecting the roof and ground floor.

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The pink glass lotus


The Wanda Exhibition Hall in Dujiangyan uses glass digitally printed with a pink gradient to evoke a lotus flower. 6,000 sqm / 64,600 sqft of pink gradient


The Pink Lotus exhibition hall in Dujiangyan is the largest and most beautiful lotus flower in China, and is most likely the most valuable, costing $21 million. The unique design combines opaque, transparent and specially textured digitally printed glass, to achieve the pink color gradient, while the lighting effects greatly maximize its magnificence. The end result, with its soft wrinkles and transparency, perfectly represents the characteristics of the lotus flower shape, which symbolizes purity, rebirth and divinity.

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Additional Wanda Group projects with Dip-Tech

Wanda Group currently has more than 20 Dip-Tech powered projects in place, highlighting the wide range of uses for digital ceramic glass printing technology. Each of these installations are a great city landmark in the cities they are located, including Nanjing, Jinan, Hefei, Wuxi, Chongqing, and others.

As a national real estate leader, Wanda Group never stops its pace of innovation and implementation in the process of development – and Dip-Tech is helping it do so.

Today, the Chairman of Wanda Group, Mr. Wang Jian Lin, prefers digitally printed glass over screen print, going so far as to decorate the door of his villa in Dalian with the help of Dip-Tech.

“Dip-Tech is proud to see how its innovative technology is being used for outstanding forms of expression by a leading company like Wanda Group,” said Alon Lumbroso, CEO, Dip-Tech. “We are confident that Wanda Group will continue to create phenomenal and inspiring real estate projects in the future, and with that will maximize the power of digital ceramic glass printing, continually setting new standards for the Chinese market.”


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