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Montmagny Courthouse

Renovate your space with the amazing power of digital glass print Montmagny Courthouse is a great example for of a renovation project, printed by Laurier Glass. This project, in the province of Quebec, in Canada consists in maintaining a 950 m2² historical building from 1865, adding an expansion of 3410…

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Join Printed Glass Solutions for Architecture and Interior Design on LinkedIn Groups

Join “Printed Glass Solutions for Architecture & Interior Design”, a group devoted to the glass solutions for Architecture and Interior Design. This group welcomes discussions about the practical usage of Digital Printed Glass in different architectural and interior design applications, such as: facades, canopies, balustrades, public art & memorial, wall…

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Kansas University History of Basketball Mural, USA

Kansas University Basketball Mural

View the amazing Kansas University History of Basketball Mural project Conceptual Planning & Design by Ralph Appelbaum Associates and the expert team at AGNORA, who used their advanced Dip-Tech digital ceramic in-glass technology. Success of the project hinged on AGNORA’s technical ability to take the client’s raw working files and manipulate them…

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