Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

RECAP: Vitrum 2017, Milano Italy

Ferro, a leading global provider of functional coatings and color solutions, and Dip-Tech, the world-leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, were happy to host its visitors in the twentieth edition of the Italian international trade show Vitrum 2017

Visitors from Australia, Latin America, NA, Russia, Mediterranean and of course Europe, showed a great interest in Ferro and Dip-Tech’s expanded offering for flat glass; Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printing solutions, as well as Ferro’s extensive offering of enamels, coatings and pastes for architectural, appliances and automotive glass.


Insights from our booth

Insights our booth

New Era Technology


On the first day of Vitrum, Ziv Cahani, Product Manager at Dip-Tech,  presented New Era Technology which delivers premium quality results with extraordinary throughput. The NEra is opening new horizons in glass printing technology.

Val Vetri – 1st NEra Customer in Italy


Miss Valeria Turaglio shared its considerations of choosing Dip-Tech and NEra. In need to adjust to market trends and poses a digital printing capabilities,  Val Vetri studies the Dip-Tech technology, visited other customers, watched the Nera in action, and was amazed by the entire 360° support of Dip-Tech, all these made them choose Dip-Tech without any doubt..

Live printing demonstrations


Visitors experienced the speed and quality of Digital Printers, firsthand, throughout show hours.


At Vitrum 2017 we saw a huge increase in demand for the digital print on glass. Combining the strengths of Ferro and Dip-Tech will enable us to better serve customers by providing them with a complete, optimized solution of printers, software, inks, and service.

digital kuc

• Widen the portfolio of inks
• Distribution in over 28 countries
• With Dip-Tech, Ferro poses a profound presence in the digital era, with leading capital equipment, digital ceramic inks, software and 360° customers’ support

Application designs at Vitrum 2017

Photorealistic, Double Vision and Blank&White

DSV 171003 2061 336x240

Gradients, LPI and Surfaces

DSV 171003 1910 336x240

Gradients, Dots  & Lines

DSV 171003 2038 336x240


DSV 171003 2032 336x240

Stained Glass – Translucent

DSV 171003 3004 336x240

Active Glass

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