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RECAP: Munich Customers Conference

Dip-Tech held its first Customer Conference in Europe on January 19-20, 2017, at the Novotel Munich, Germany. Customers from around the world including Europe, Australia and Africa attended and it was an event to remember!

The,event, which was modeled after successful customer meetings held in North America, provided the opportunity to learn more about the latest techniques in sales and marketing for digitally printed glass, how to optimize their Dip-Tech glass line and graphics, and improve print workflow.

Participants also enjoyed one on one sessions with Dip-Tech experts who provided inut and feedback specific to the customer’s individual business needs. as well as numerous opportunities to network and share ideas with other Dip-Tech users.

A very special session was conducted by our guest speaker, Mr. Andrew Moor, who shared his experience with Dip-Tech through artistic projects. Click Here to see Mr. Andrew Moore’s work with Dip-Tech technology

The Dip-Tech team enjoyed this opportunity to meet in person our customers, nurture and grow relationships, and start a path of close cooperation with the different supporting teams of Service, Applications, Demand Generation and Marketing.

Additional Customers’ Events will take place in different regions during 2017, stay tuned for the invitations!

FMI: http://bit.ly/2jsWrDr

Munich Customers Conference

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