Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

China Customer Event 2017, Beijing

The Dip-Tech team would like to thank all who attended the recent Customer Event held at Novotel San Yuan in Beijing. It was very exciting to host over thirty leading Glass Companies from China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Australia.  During the event, these leaders of Architecture, Automotive and…

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Extraordinary throughput & unlimited flexibility with NEraD

12 ink channels and automatic color change system Dip-Tech’s NEraD  gives you unmatched printing speed (up to 450sqm/h) complemented by unlimited production flexibility. Designed with a revolutionary 12 channel system, the NEraD printer has a fast automatic color change system which allows you to produce high-speed single color applications such as automotive…

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