Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

Printing on Glass Can Save Birds’ Lives

New York City Audubon, the American Bird Conservancy, and Fordham University are collaborating on research focused on how various types of glass can deter birds from crashing into buildings. This research is very relevant for glass processors today who are looking to include bird friendly glass in their offering. Likewise,…

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GPD and China Glass 2014 | Dip-Tech Highlights

Glass Processors at Dip-Tech Booth

A team of 15 from Dip-Tech headed to Shanghai in April 2014 for major industry events where they showcased digital ceramic glass printing technology for local and global glass processors. At GDP China, Dip-Tech presented a session on digital glass printing technology, the business opportunities it opens up for glass…

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Digital Ceramic Glass Printing Workflow

Creativity meets innovation meets glass with Dip-Tech digital glass printing technology. Take a tour of the Glassy Gloss House and experience the digital glass printing workflow. From glass and image file preparation to drying and tempering, notice how the Dip-Tech solution with its highly efficient workflow fits seamlessly into a…

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Decorative Glass Enhances Private Home in Finland

Decorative Glass- Finland

A couple from Vihti, a small community in southern Finland, wanted photographs of their summer home to feature in their residential home, so they decided to print them on decorative glass for their kitchen backsplash and internal glass door. Dip-Tech introduced them to RAKLA , a local glass processing company,…

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First Digital Printing on Glass Center Opens in Turkey

Glass Printing Machines in Turkey

KH Tasarim, the official representative of Dip-Tech in Turkey, has opened the Digital Glass Printing Center of Excellence, a professional center for digital ceramic in-glass printing – the first of its kind worldwide. Located in Instanbul, the Center offers complete printing on glass services to glass processors and also provides…

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