Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

Opening New Horizons in Interior Design &  Common Applications

Now is the time to add value to your interior & exterior glass portfolio with Dip-Tech ceramic durable vivid digital printing. Dozens of glass factory have embraced the Dip-Tech technology and are realizing projects that are beyond the imagination. Join us in the endless possibilities available in interior glazing.

 Ceramic digital printing for stunning Kitchen Backsplashes
kitchen splashback

Cost-effective and pixel-perfect, Dip-Tech technology is able to create the exact look and effect you desire, including any image, texture, color, or design.



Printed glass shower walls and bathroom wall art

shower doors

The bathroom is a central element of any living space – whether long-term in your home, or temporarily at a hotel. Print-on-glass designs can be meshed perfectly with existing or planned bathroom designs, to create the complete aesthetic you desire.



Ceramic digital glass printing for stunning divider design and office partitions


Whether it’s an interior room divider, bedroom partition, interior divider wall, or interior window divider you need to complete your perfect space, Dip-Tech ceramic digital glass printing has the perfect solution for you.

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The art of stained glass takes a modern turn with digital ceramic glass printing

stained glass

Besides creating colorful images, ceramic digital glass printing ensures the stained glass is incredibly durable, preserving the artwork’s integrity over the course of long-term exposure to air, humidity, and the elements.

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Digital glass printing technology for distinctive wall-covering designs

wall covers

With custom digital glass printing technology, you can design your own interiors and make any wall into an extraordinary design element. Bring any design concept to life with amazingly rich colors and images of your choice.

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Digital printing technology for high visual impact in glass art and signage


When it comes to high visual impact, glass is the new canvas! Explore the capabilities of digital printing on glass to design eye-catching works of urban art and public art.

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 Add light and life to overhead protection, with ceramic digital glass printing

glass roofs

With decorative glass created with Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printing technology, you can easily add light and life to any structure with any design you like. Digital glass printing is the way to go for a stunning canopy or decorative ceiling that offers protection from the elements, with style!

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Expanding the glass canvas with digital printing

Digital printing basics:

  • Unmatched resistance to scratching, acid, UV-light, and weather
  • Widest vivid color gamut
  • Heat & light control
  • Bird friendly glass print


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