Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

New Beginnings – Hello again, Dip-Tech.com!

After many months of work we’re excited to share our newly launched website.

The site is designed to serve all sectors of the glass industry, so we have created dedicated sections for glass processors and for architects, designers, and developers. Each section has information on our products, services, and the industry as a whole, as relevant to each domain.

The website (available in five languages) hosts a completely revamped Project Gallery to share photos and details of amazing projects that showcase how printed glass is being used in different ways, all around the world. A great way to find inspiration for those looking to print on glass!

Focus on business expansion

Knowing that most glass processors are looking for ways to grow their business, we’ve included practical information on how they can do so with digitally printed glass. This includes updated details on our digital ceramic print glass offering, customer testimonials, and information on how Dip-Tech supports glass processors along the way.

In addition, the section ‘Dip-Tech in Process’ goes step-by-step through the process of how digitally printed glass is produced.

All of this ready-to-go information from the website can be incorporated into sales and marketing tools, or used as a reference point for potential clients.

Imprint Your Vision on Glass

For those working with glass from a design or architectural perspective, the Architects & Consultants section explores all the benefits that digital ceramic glass printing can bring to projects – including design, functionality, and sustainability advantages – and shares architects’ insight through case studies.

In addition, the architect workflow takes an actual, completed project and walks you through the process of implementation, using Dip-Tech technology.

Show & tell

The new design, layout and smart filtering system in the Project Gallery allows you to easily browse through images and details of successfully completed projects.

Each success story page includes strong visual images of the project, names and background of the project partners who worked on it, details of implementation, and the added value of digital glass printing. You can use these stories for inspiration, or as a tool to share with prospective clients

For a complete view of the impact Dip-Tech projects are having, have a look at the Google Map of our printed projects around the world.


The new Dip-Tech website is a resource for glass processors, designers and architects alike. We invite you to explore all the new information, share it, and if you have any feedback, please feel free to be in touch!

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