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Montmagny Courthouse

Renovate your space with the amazing power of digital glass print

Montmagny Courthouse is a great example for of a renovation project, printed by Laurier Glass. This project, in the province of Quebec, in Canada consists in maintaining a 950 m2² historical building from 1865, adding an expansion of 3410 m2, showcasing the historical aspect of the existing elements. The new addition to the building included a contemporary interior design, integrating the space with a variety of wooden panels. The architects, CCM2+, wished to create a continues continued wooden theme at some areas of the facades, by replicating these wooden panels through high definition pictures. 6 different designs were printed on 170 6mm glass panels and installed in alternation, in order to avoid repetition on the same facade. The integration of Dip-Tech’s technology reflects the high ecological criteria of this building to gain LEED gold certification



This technology answered the need of the architects and opened up a range of possibilities for Interior and Exterior architectural expression. Laurier will continue to explore new possibilities in modern and sustainable design with digital ceramic glass printing” Lucie Vezina, Technical sales representative at Laurier Glass


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