Dip-Tech pioneered digital glass printing is leading supplier of digital glass printers and digital ceramic inks.

The Magic of Digitally Printed Glass

We invite you to take a tour of Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic ink factory and discover the magic of digitally printed glass. Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic inks are suitable for a wide array of exterior and interior architectural glass applications.

Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks are a key element in the 360° digital glass printing solution. The digital ceramic inks for glass produce long-lasting and vivid colors that are fused into the glass for unmatched durability. Dip-Tech ceramic inks fall into three main portfolios: Architectural Inks, Specialty Applications Inks, and Transportation Inks. Each portfolio with a set of unique inks to achieve a high degree of design and functional performance.

Newest additions to the Dip-Tech ceramic ink portfolio:

Dip-Tech Slip-Resistance Ink is a unique, patented ink with an etched glass-like appearance that is used to create anti-slip surfaces when wet or dry making it ideal for exterior and interior flooring applications.

Dip- Tech Extra Durable S1 Inks are specially designed for digital printing on the external surface of glass panels.

Learn more about these new functional and aesthetic functional inks and the whole portfolio of Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks here.


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