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Kansas University History of Basketball Mural, USA

View the amazing Kansas University History of Basketball Mural project Conceptual Planning & Design by Ralph Appelbaum Associates and the expert team at AGNORA, who used their advanced Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass technology.

Kansas University Basketball Mural

Success of the project hinged on AGNORA’s technical ability to take the client’s raw working files and manipulate them to produce the imagery with accuracy and precision. Extensive testing using proven traditional litho-print methodologies and translating to digital ceramic ink helped create the opaque, dark rich colours and white text. Printing specific creative zones on each of the 13 panels separately, ensured that we achieved a superior final result.

“The Architect & designer chose digital printing because it met their expectations to accurately match the University’s team colors and to be able to print the story of basketball with precision.” Alison Smith Marketing Manager at AGNORA

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