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GPD and China Glass 2014 | Dip-Tech Highlights

  • GPD China 2014 Dip-Tech Session
    Digital glass printing technology at GDP 2014

A team of 15 from Dip-Tech headed to Shanghai in April 2014 for major industry events where they showcased digital ceramic glass printing technology for local and global glass processors.

At GDP China, Dip-Tech presented a session on digital glass printing technology, the business opportunities it opens up for glass processors and the benefits it offers to architects. Immediately following GDP, Dip-Tech exhibited at China Glass 2014, where hundreds of international guests visited Dip-Tech’s booth to check out the latest in digital ceramic glass printing technology.

Dip-Tech’s customers also exhibited at the event showcasing unique printed glass products such as super-sized printed glass chairs and a printed glass panel that was 15 meters (49 feet) long.

The exciting show was a great opportunity to meet our partners, make new friends, and share the latest and greatest in digital ceramic glass printing.


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