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Extraordinary throughput & unlimited flexibility with NEraD

12 ink channels and automatic color change system
Dip-Tech’s NEraD  gives you unmatched printing speed (up to 450sqm/h) complemented by unlimited production flexibility.
Designed with a revolutionary 12 channel system, the NEraD printer has a fast automatic color change system which allows you to produce high-speed single color applications such as automotive glass, frames and repeatable patterns for architecture – as well as  high speed vivid designs without the need for color change.

Highly versatile, this printer allows you to work on multiple single or multi color projects  in the same shift  all in high speed without pausing your workflow for greater efficiency. Changing colors is quick and simple thanks to the automatic fast color change system which enables you to change colors in only a few minutes.
In addition to premium image quality, the NEra D 12 channel system can also be used for printing premixed CMiX colors and SPECTRUM Sense inks flow, which are half tone inks, to achieve a smoother appearance.

NEraD with its 12 channels, offers turbo-charged throughput, superb quality and a competitive ROI as compared to screen printing in larger batches , and it fits high-speed serial production.

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