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Eco-friendly benefits of digital ceramic print on glass

Replication of natural materials
  • Bird friendly glass at Columbia College Chicago

In the face of global warming and rising costs architects, developers, and consultants are increasingly seeking sustainable and green materials and solutions. Digital ceramic printed glass is a material that is eco-friendly on top of providing functionality and endless design possibilities, making it an ideal material to support sustainable architecture.

Architect Dan Schechter, Business Development Manager at Phoenicia Flat Glass Industries, shared the top eight ways that working with digital ceramic printed glass helps the environment in a recent article in Glass International.

Optimized energy requirements, replication of natural materials, reducing external temperatures of buildings, and urban renewal are just a few of the ways digital print on glass can help glass processors and architects go green. To learn more about these reasons and to see the full list Schechter shares, then click here for the complete article.

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