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Dip-Energy – Printed Glass Performance Calculator

Dip-Tech is proud to announce the Dip-Energy, an online calculator to quickly evaluate the energy performance of Dip-Tech printed glass, is awarded for the Most Innovative Web Tool or App Award by Glass Magazine.

Glass Magazine Award

With Dip-Energy, architects and glass processors can evaluate the energy performance of glass printed with Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks as early as during the concept and design stage. Measure the impact different designs will have on the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and the percentage of visible light (%T) of the glass, and use the information for a multitude of design and materials decisions.

The web-based tool has a multi-lingual, friendly user-interface that requires no training. Architects, designers and glass processors can unleash their creativity as there are no production costs involved in applying and testing different designs.

Check it out and Calculate energy efficiency ahead of construction, with Dip-Energy – Printed Glass Performance Calculator.

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