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Digital Print on Glass Balustrade

SJP Architects wished to add subtle color and a dynamic quality to the full length balustrades which span seven floors of Green Square in Melbourne, Australia. They also wanted to provide a level of privacy for the residence, while maintaining natural light and the view from within the apartments.  Together with Cooling Brothers Glass Company, they worked to print on glass a full color 2.5mm perforated patterns. This created transparency when viewing through the panel at a close distance while providing full coverage when viewing the print from afar. SJP Architects were pleased in achieving a creative and successful solution that was delivered on time and within budget.

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Photographs courtesy of Ian ten Seldan Photogrpahy and Steve Bills Photography


  1. Has this design been printed onto the glass prior to installtion or is it a manifestation that has been added after the glass has been fitted?

  2. Wao such a beautiful digital print on glass balustrades, it looks very beautiful. This gives a totally new look.

  3. Keep up the amazing work !! Lovin’ it!

  4. Keep up the spectacular job !! Lovin’ it!

  5. Digital images are run through a specialist software program that separates the image into colour layers available on the Colourlite Image system. Our printed flat glass products offer the ultimate bespoke service. I’m  happy that you shared this helpful information with us.

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