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Digital glass printing technology for “eye-opening” effects in Balustrades and Balconies


Arch. Aedas HK
Center 66
Printed By: South Bright Glass, China
Complex comprised of office buildings, the city’s largest shopping mall, and historical sites


SJB Architects
Green Square
Printed By: Cooling Brothers, Australia
Subtle color and a dynamic quality to the full length balustrades which span seven floors.


Arch. Agence DEVILLERS
Apartment Building – Le Sémaphore
Printed By: MACOCCO Vitrages, France
Ceramic inks were digitally printed and fused with the glass balconies of this apartment building


DOMUS Arkitekter A/S
Sjælør Boulevard Residential Building
Printed By: Glaseksperten, Denmark
Graphic pattern digitally printed on external glass balustrades

Create innovative solutions with ceramic digital glass printing for internal and external balustrades. The possibilities – and the views – are endless. Add a unique element to your design with glass printing incorporating a visual effect with graphic patterns and decorative glass balustrades.

Internal and external balustrades and balconies made with digital ceramic glass printing technology are durable, weather-resistant, and low maintenance.
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