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Designing with Dip-Tech in Mind – Mr. Andrew Moor

Andrew Moor has been a central figure in the Architectural Glass world for nearly thirty years and has worked with well-known artists and architects on projects at an international level.
At the recent Dip-Tech event in Munch, Andrew Moor shared part of his work related to printed glass, presenting monumental facades, commercial projects, public art, public buildings and residential projects as well.
In his work, Andrew Moor’s main target is “to create images on glass to emphasize the architecture”.
It was especially interesting to listen to Andrew describe the characteristics and challenges from the artist’s point of view that crop up when interpreting a project in printed glass.
Andrew stressed the need to receive printed samples in a short time frame, sometimes no more than 24 hours.
The fact that when designing glass, the artist has no certainty regarding the final result and the influence of the printed glass on its surrounding. Andrew shared with us the magical way in which printed glass creates different shadows on the floor, on neighboring walls and the ceiling, depending on the sun angle and the hour of the day.


Andrew mentioned the challenge of going through all the professionals involved in the project (Architect, contractor etc….) until reaching the final goal: the glass processor printing with Dip-Tech.

The following are several projects printed with Dip-Tech technology:



 • Size: 270 sqm
• Year of completion: 2008
• Glass Processor: INTERPANE, Germany
a2.png a3.png
John Lewis facades

The famous John Lewis retail chain has being enjoying Dip-Tech technology for several years.

York was done by Saint Gobain – Dip-Tech printed – 2013


Milton Keynes done by TOUGHGLAZE – Dip-Tech printed – 2013.

And additional two new projects have not been printed yet.


Abbeywood Plaza

· Size: 230 sqm

· Year of completion: 2013

· Glass Processor: TOUGHGLAZE, UK


Midfield Concourse, Hong Kong Airport

  · Size: 520 sqm

· Year of completion: 2015

· Glass Processor: Thiele Glass, Germany

a8 a9

Andrew Moor has published several books presenting glass artworks, not only his, but rather a collection of world-wide artists who chose glass due to its special virtues.
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 We wish to thank Andrew Moor for his time and effort to join us. We were extremely happy to see the interest of Dip-Tech customers in connecting with Andrew, hopefully discussing projects that can be relevant, as glass artists are a much needed community for glass processors, connecting them to projects and business opportunities.

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