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Decorative Glass Enhances Private Home in Finland

Glass printing for kitchen backsplashes
  • Art Glass - Kitchen Backsplash

A couple from Vihti, a small community in southern Finland, wanted photographs of their summer home to feature in their residential home, so they decided to print them on decorative glass for their kitchen backsplash and internal glass door. Dip-Tech introduced them to RAKLA , a local glass processing company, which used their Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printer to digitally print the images directly onto the glass. As a result, the scenic views of the lake and trees come to life on the art glass.

The designed glass took only four weeks to print and install. The couple says they enjoy how the overhead light in the kitchen and the natural light through the internal glass door enhance the glass elements.

Decorative glass created with Dip-Tech printing is suitable for varied types and sizes of residential applications as well as for for large-scale and commercial projects.

Interior Design Ideas using Dip-Tech Glass Printing

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