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Cardboard Cathedral by Renowned Architect Shigeru Ban

The Cardboard Cathedral
  • The Cardboard Cathedral

The original cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand was severely damaged in an earthquake in 2010, and a second earthquake in 2011 destroyed the original stained-glass rose window. The Transitional Cathedral, designed by Shigeru Ban Architects, was built nearby in 2013. It is nicknamed the “Cardboard Cathedral” due to its extensive use of cardboard tubes in its construction.  Shigeru Ban, a celebrated architect, wasawarded the prestigious 2014 Prizker Prize for his outstanding work.

When is came to the glass, Metro Performance Glass was approached to process the 12 meter high glass facade. The original design called for colored triangles, until Metro Performance Glass showed they could enhance the architectural glass with digital printing. Using photographs of the original rose window, the images were lifted and printed directly onto the glass. The ability to easily adjust the transparency levels in this sustainable design gives the glass facade a stained glass appearance.  The new window pays homage to the past through the use of modern glass printing technology.


Photographer- Bridgit Anderson

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