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Dip-Tech is chosen to present at Sotheby’s event of Art and Technology

Dip-Tech was honored to be chosen from tens of Israeli companies, which combine between technology and art, to present at a very special event in Sotheby’s Art Gallery New-York City, 26 September 2016. The event was organized by Start-Up Nation Central . The Paul E. Singer Foundation sponsored this collaboration between Start-Up Nation Central and Artis (an independent nonprofit organization that broadens international awareness of contemporary Israeli visual art). The purpose of the event was to create an interactive showcase of the innovations in the Israeli art world and art-related technology solutions.

Start-Up Nation Central has curated a group of companies that collectively represent the strengths of Israel’s consumer-experience and infrastructure technologies related to the art world.

Dip-Tech at Art and Technology
Mr. Alon Lumbroso, Dip-Tech CEO
Photographed by Lewis Kassel

Alon Lumbroso, Dip-Tech CEO, presented Dip-Tech’s contribution to demonstrating glass-art around the world, highlighting various projects such as: Harlem Hospital façade (Printed by Alice, GGI), Glass Farm in the Netherlands (Printed by AGC Glass Europe) and Chengdu Wanda Exhibition Hall, China (Printed by South Bright Glass, China). Those on hand for the presentation included executives from the art industry of more than 150 New-York collectors, art curators, and successful Israeli and Jewish American business owners and entrepreneurs.

demonstrating glass-art around the world
Photographed by Lewis Kassel

Alongside Alon, Mr. John Hickey, Dip-Tech Director of Sales for North America, and Miss Nicole Chesney, a Glass Artist who is using Dip-Tech technology in her work, addressed the curiosity of the audience, and were happy to share their experience & knowledge.

The presentation was very well received. People were very impressed in the Dip-Tech glass-sample kit. It was a successful networking event, and especially exciting to realize the great potential of collaboration between Dip-Tech customers in NA, and the American community of Glass-artists.

SNC event
Photographed by Lewis Kassel

Dip-Tech is looking forward to participate to the next Start-Up Nation Central event

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