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Recap of Glasstec 2016 Dusseldorf, Germany

The Dip-Tech team just returned from Glasstec and we’re still excited by the amazing turnout and feedback we received while we were there. Thank you for being a part of the experience!

Dip-Tech Team

We kicked off the show with a bang when we unveiled our breakthrough New Era technology with three new printers based on this technology – NEra-D, NEra-V and GPi, new Inks and new sales tools.

At additional events, two of Dip-Tech customers —AGNORA and Veneto Vetro — spoke about the huge opportunities opened up to them by Dip-Tech solutions for design and architecture projects.

Throughout the show, our booth attracted many visitors who came to see the new printers printing continuously on various sizes and types of glass. In the automotive zone, the NEra-V — our black queen — stunned audiences with its speed and quality.

Visitors to our booth were also impressed by the life-size residential and commercial environments showcasing Dip-Tech printed glass for varied architecture and interior design applications; new Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks; our comprehensive set of support tools for glass processors including the soon-to-be-released INTERIORI and Pattern Catalog ; and Dip-Tech printed applications from around the world.

We are very excited about the opportunities presented by our new technology, products and tools, and invite you to contact us about potential collaboration.

We’d also love to see you at our next event —GBA, Las Vegas from 19-21 October 2016.


For more pictures visit: http://bit.ly/2b5MvME

Watch the video to get a taste of the exciting NEra launch in Glasstec ahead of the US launch, coming up at GlassBuild America.



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